I would have liked to know about his blacklisting earlier, as Jared Polites had something really off about him after an initial good impression.

For the 4 weeks I kept him, he'd pretend to have completed the small tasks I had required from him.

When time came for a first review, and once he'd cashed in his first check... he simply never showed up to our meeting and I never heard back. I thought he might have had an accident ... but I have not seen a trace of work from him and I assume he was just waiting on another job offer.

I am now learning he took off to Paris and apparently scammed a startup there.

Well, looking at his Linkedin... I'd also assume he was fired from his job at the FBI since he never explained why he left and never mentioned anything about it.

That is IF he actually was employed there..

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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